How to View USA TV Shows Overseas

Online TV websites like CBS and Yahoo View block people from outside the US from watching their movies, you can get around this using a Virtual Private Network that will change your computer IP for a USA one.

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Online TV restricted to USA viewers

Online TV restricted to Canadian viewers

Online TV restricted to UK viewers

Online TV restricted to other viewers

  • Wilmaa (Switzerland only – TV channels)
  • Tele5 (Poland only – Series)
  • AnimeLab (Australia&NZ Anime)
  • Hanabee (Australia – Anime)
  • ABC iView (Australia – Series, news and documentaries)
  • TenPlay (Australia – Series, reality shows)
  • SBS Australia (Australia – News and documentaries)
  • Yahoo TV Australia (Australia – Series, reality shows)
  • Crime TV (Australia – Documentaries)
  • TV3 NZ (New Zealand – Series)
  • TVNZ (New Zealand – Series)
  • Voddler (Scandinavia & Spain only)
  • RTVE (Spain only – News, series)
  • Telecinco (Spain only – News, series)
  • MiTele (Spain only – Series, sports, films)
  • Atres Player (Spain only – Series)
  • Wuaki (Europe only – Films, series)
  • Viki (Worldwide – Anime,Korea,Taiwan,Bollywood drama)

Online radio restricted to USA listeners

Online TV open Worldwide

Online radio Worldwide (Music)

Online radio Worldwide (News)

Note: Online TV using Silverlight players do not work with a VPN. e.g.  MSN FixPlay Australia, RAI (Italy) and TVP (Poland)