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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax 3D (2012) movie review

The Lorax 3D

The Lorax is based on a seventies children’s book by Dr. Seuss, a Lorax is a tiny little fluffly animal with a moustache, the advocate for the forest, not only the trees, but also the creatures living in it. This movie from the makers of Despicable Me (2010) keeps intact the environmental message twisting the original history by adding modern cultural lifestyles.

The film colours are very vivid with all of the forest elements popping out of the screen, everything is nicely rendered, action scenes are thrilling and the woodland creatures cuddly and soft-hearted, this is a nicely made 3D film. I don’t know how you feel about 3D, but children are likely to have fun with the CGI cartoons popping out of the screen, and this is after all a kids movie.

The Lorax 3D movie billboard

The Lorax 3D movie billboard

A family friendly 3D film full of humour, music and sweetness with anti-corporate satire quietly promoting that the destruction of the environment for greed is bad for the world. The Lorax film is aimed at young audiences but parents will enjoy the humorous parts of the movie. If you would like to indoctrinate your kids with ecological messages Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax can do that from an early age, but do not forget that this is a capitalist film that has been used to sell “fuel efficient” Mazda cars, Universal Studios is not a charity and they want to make profits like everyone else.

Synopsis: A preteen 12yo boy needs something very special to gain the affection of the girl of his dreams, in order for him to find what his girl wishes most he must discover the history of the Lorax, a grumpy charming creature fighting to save this world.

Cast: Danny DeVito (The Lorax), Ed Helms (Once-Ler) , Zac Efron  (Ted), Taylor Swift (Audrey)
Director: Chris Renaud
Runtime: 1hr. 26min
Rating: PG

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Conan the Barbarian (2011) 3D review

Conan the Barbarian 3D movie

This remake of the old Conan the Barbarian (1982) film that is known to have launched Arnold Schwarzenegger career  is now interpreted by Jason Momoa, with an impressive impressive bodybuilding physique but falling short of the huge Arnold muscles, even though he attended intensive personal gym classes prior to the movie.

Conan is an epic fantasy adventure film has taken seven years of development, with much of the time spent negotiating the movie distribution rights and recruiting the staff, filming started in May 2010 in Bulgaria, its 3D version is  a post-production conversion. The film is full of fighting scenes and beheadings, spiced up with a little romance, the dialogue is faithful to the original story and it seems pulled out of Conan comic books. Conan the Barbarian is a decent action film, those who love action movies in mystique worlds will like it, but I felt it to be unnecessary the 3D version as the special effects are not that amazing as to justify the three dimensions, the main selling point of this film is the action fights and that looks around the same in 2D as it does in 3D, you can save the extra money that a 3D version costs, you will enjoy it the same.

Synopsis: A powerful built Cimmerian warrior begins a journey across an epic medieval continent, Hyboria, to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his village, he will soon find evil sorcerers, monsters and almighty warriors attempting to stop him.

Director: Marcus Nispel
Starring: Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan
Runtime: 112 minutes
Genre: Action/Adventure
MPAA Rating: R

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean 3D film

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is shot in 3D, it is not a converted movie, the film is being released in Disney Digital 3-D, IMAX 3D and the traditional 2D. This is the first Pirates of the Caribbean film where fictional characters are based on real life historical figures, the pirate Blackbeard, George II of Great Britain, Henry Pelham and Ferdinand VI of Spain they have all existed for real.

An action packed adventure 3D film under the direction of Rob Marshall, the return of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney announced that Depp has been paid $55.5 million to return, Penélope Cruz as “Captain Jack’s equal”, Geoffrey Rush as Captain Hector Barbossa, Astrid Berges-Frisbey as a mermaid, Stephen Graham as “Scram” and Sam Claflin as “Philip, a youthful missionary”.

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides was shot simultaneously in Hawaii, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, on the island of Palomino, and Los Angeles, California, the soundtrack was composed by Eric Whitacre with Hans Zimmer (second and third film soundtrack composer) and Whitacre’s wife, Hila Plitmann.

Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga will love this film, there isn’t anything new that would push people to watch it otherwise, I found this film as good as the last three ones, with nothing exceptionally better or worse, more adventures, more fantasy, more humorous, beautifully shot scenes and spectacular fun for the whole family.

Synopsis: Captain Jack Sparrow  unexpectedly meets an old female friend, she unconventionally convinces him to get aboard of the legendary Blackbeard pirate ship to start a quest in search of the mythical Fountain of Youth, they will later discover that captain Hector Barbossa is after said fountain too on behalf of the King of England.

Technichal details:
Director: Rob Marshall
Writers: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
Starring: Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz and Ian McShane
Music: Eric Whitacre, Hila Plitmann, Hans Zimmer
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 137 minutes

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Priest 3D film synopsis, trailer and review

Priest 3D film (2011)

Overall impression: Priest (2011) film is an adaptation of the Korean comic with the same name (프리스트), the film has elements of horror, action and science fiction, amazing special effects, the vampires that appear in the film look very realistic and have been fully computer generated since they had to move quickly, the film is graphical but rated PG-13 not a full gore movie, details like blood has been toned down a little to keep it tasteful, assuming ripping a vampire into pieces can be called tasteful, the director managed to make the thrill last until the end, keeping the audience wondering what dangerous monster is coming up next and if Priest will ever succeed in his quest.

Pries first entered in development in 2005, it changed release dates numerous times to convert the film from 2D to 3D, scheduled for the premier in Canada, the US, Russia and most European countries in May 2011, the release date for Australia and Scandinavian countries has been scheduled for August 2011.

Synopsis: Set in an apocalyptic world ravaged by centuries of war in between man and vampires, a legendary Warrior Priest from the last Vampire War (Paul Bettany) is now retired living a quite life. When his niece (Lily Collins of “The Blind Side”) is kidnapped by a pack of vampires , Priest breaks his sacred vows to try to find her before she is converted into a vampire, he is joined in the adventure by his niece’s boyfriend (“Twilight”‘s Cam Gigandet), a young sheriff and a former Warrior Priestess of formidable fighting skills (“Nikita”‘s Maggie’s Q).

Technichal details:
Director: Scott Charles Stewart
Writers: Cory Goodman, Min-Woo Hyung (graphic novel series “Priest”)
Starring: Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Karl Urban, Brad Dourif, Stephen Moyer, Christopher Plummer, Alan Dale, Mädchen Amick, Jacob Hopkins, Dave Florek, Joel Polinsky, Josh Wingate and Jon Braver
Music: Christopher Young
Runtime: 87 min
: PG-13

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Rio 3D film review, synopsis and trailer

Rio (2011) 3D film

Synopsis: Rio is comical crazy animated 3D comedy that starts with a rare exotic blue macaw natural from Brasil named Blu taken to Minnesota where he grows up and is domesticated by a shy bookstore owner called Linda.

Years later an ornithologist will identify the macaw as the last male of his species and convince the owner, Linda, to fly with Blu to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil so that he can mate with a wild female macaw named Jewel and ensure the survival of his kind, that is where things will start to get complicated.

Review:Rio is a film from the makers of Ice Age, highly visual and colourful with rhythmic music and dancing, most of the film settings happen in Brazil, with a very typical Brazilian scenery, loose summer clothing, beaches, traditional Brazilian songs mixed up with contemporary tunes of artists like Jamie Foxx.

The vivid soundtrack greatly enhanced the story as it moves along, if you watch Rio in 3D you will also appreciate a constant barrage of birds flying towards the audience, the kids will probably love this, not sure about the adults, Rio story plot isn’t as clever as Ice Age but it is entertaining and the visual effects are better, a predictable animated film  with brilliant animated graphics and refreshing music, it is not a must a see movie but you will not regret having paid for the cinema ticket if you do.

Rio is released on 8th April in the UK and 15th April in the USA

Director: Carlos Saldanha
Producers: John C. Donkin, Bruce Anderson and Chris Wedge
Music: John Powell
Studio: Blue Sky Studio
Film Length: 1 Hour and 36 Minutes

Rio the movie official website

The Green Hornet 3D film review & movie trailer

The Green Hornet is an action packed film full of laughs but it fails to match other more well known films in the genre, such as The A-Team or Spiderman, in The Green Hornet you will find lots of explosions, shootings and fights, let down a little by its poor, at sometimes nonsensical, script, other than that The Green Hornet remains likeable, without the WOW factor but entertaining.

The Green Hornet Blu-Ray 3D release will come out on May 3rd with a combo pack including a 3D disc, Blu-ray disc, and a DVD disc, the 3D Blu-ray disc in the pack includes the feature film in 3D, 3D Animated Storyboard Comparisons, and film-maker commentary. You might enjoy this film more if you are already familiar with The Green Hornet TV Series from 1966–1967, or the comic books based on the same character and still published until recently by Dynamite Enterntainment.

Synopsis: The son of one of Los Angeles most prominent media magnates inherits the business after his dad passes away, striking an unlikely friendship with one of his dad’s closest employee, Kato, interpreted by Chinese pop star Jay Chou, he sees an opportunity in Kato’s weaponry building skills and decides to give a new meaning to his life by becoming an anonymous costumed crime fighter with a sidekick.

Genre: Action/Adventure
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogen, Christoph Waltz, Edward Furlong, Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos, Jay Chou, David Harbour, Chad Coleman, Robert Clotworthy
Director: Michel Gondry

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