The Three Musketeers 3D review

This 3D film adaption of Alexandre Dumas 1844 novel was shot in Bavaria (Germany), the Bavarian’s film fund as well as the German Film Board all contributed millions of Euros to produce this movie, British pop band ‘Take That’ recorded the official single, called “When we were young”, The Three Musketeers feels like a Hollywood action and adventures movie set in Europe against a backdrop of historical locations for which it was real challenge to get a filming license due to the problems that intense shinning lights cause to tapestries and centuries old paintings, the filming crew had to adapt to these restrictions, as well as the prohibition in some places against the presence of naked flames and candle lights.

The film was shot in real 3D using a very modern Arri Alexa camera which is light sensitive, since it was impossible to illuminate huge filming locations due to its size and the constraints on intense lights, the director had to shot The Three Muskateers old school style guessing where the light would come from.

The Three Musketeers in 3D
The Three Musketeers in 3D

The movie squeezes the best out of the book, keeping the values of friendship and love intact as well as the fun characters, they are brought into line with a contemporary action movie. There is little setting this film apart from other movie adaptations besides the 3D effects, the fine historical locations in 3D will enhance the film experience, special effects wise, 3D only greatly intensifies this film during the dogfight airship scenes, which did not exist in the 19th century, the rest of the movie did not have to be filmed in 3D, but doing so did not harm it, overall, a pretty average adaptation of The Three Muskateers with 3D being only favorable to the film and not indispensable.

Synopsis: Young D’Artagnan joins forces with three out of luck former legendary Muskateers to defeat the evil Cardinal Richelieu and the Duke Of Buckingham whom are using a beautiful double agent for seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe into a war.

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Screenwriter: Andrew Davies, Alex Litvalk
Starring: Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, Matthew Macfadyen, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans, Mads Mikkelsen, Gabriella Wilde, Juno Temple, Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz
Runtime: 110 minutes
Rated: PG-13

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