Star Wars 3D – Episode I Phantom of Menace

Thirteen years after George Lucas “ Star Wars Episode I” was first released someone had the idea of attempting a nostalgic 3D remake, the film is obviously post-converted. It is a half decent sharp 3D movie but you will find many parts look flat, and like other 3D remakes it also looks a little too dark at times. The producers replaced Yoda, originally a puppet, with a 3D computer generated version, and a couple of action scenes like the podracing show amazing ground level rugged terrain with the always great Star Wars soundtrack on the background, the light sabre fighting scenes are also enhanced but there isn’t much more to accelerate the viewer.

My main issue with Phantom of Menace in 3D is having to pay extra when parts of the film appear to be flat, it could have been great if back in those times the technology had existed and everything had been filmed in 3D cameras, but it wasn’t and this film was never intended to be a 3D.

Star Wars 3D - Episode I Phantom of Menace
Star Wars 3D – Episode I Phantom of Menace

A remake of “Star Wars Episode I” in 3D is not something I would recommend to Star Wars saga die hard fans, they will probably feel that this is a sacrilege, only if you have never seen the film it might rock your boat, or if you intend to buy a Blu-Ray copy as long as the price difference isn’t huge, maybe go for the 3D version.

If you have already seen this film, it still holds great for sci-fi fans and the 2D version will marvel you nearly as much. I don’t think converting this movie to 3D was a good idea from the beginning, a long way off Avatar 3D.