Rio 3D film review, synopsis and trailer

Synopsis: Rio is comical crazy animated 3D comedy that starts with a rare exotic blue macaw natural from Brasil named Blu taken to Minnesota where he grows up and is domesticated by a shy bookstore owner called Linda.

Years later an ornithologist will identify the macaw as the last male of his species and convince the owner, Linda, to fly with Blu to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil so that he can mate with a wild female macaw named Jewel and ensure the survival of his kind, that is where things will start to get complicated.

Review:Rio is a film from the makers of Ice Age, highly visual and colourful with rhythmic music and dancing, most of the film settings happen in Brazil, with a very typical Brazilian scenery, loose summer clothing, beaches, traditional Brazilian songs mixed up with contemporary tunes of artists like Jamie Foxx.

The vivid soundtrack greatly enhanced the story as it moves along, if you watch Rio in 3D you will also appreciate a constant barrage of birds flying towards the audience, the kids will probably love this, not sure about the adults, Rio story plot isn’t as clever as Ice Age but it is entertaining and the visual effects are better, a predictable animated film ¬†with brilliant animated graphics and refreshing music, it is not a must a see movie but you will not regret having paid for the cinema ticket if you do.

Rio is released on 8th April in the UK and 15th April in the USA

Director: Carlos Saldanha
Producers: John C. Donkin, Bruce Anderson and Chris Wedge
Music: John Powell
Studio: Blue Sky Studio
Film Length: 1 Hour and 36 Minutes

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