Green Lantern 3D movie review and trailer

Based on the long running comic books published by DC Comics,the first Green Lantern hero appeared in All-American Comics number 16, published in 1940. After War World II and a comic books sales slump DC Comics stopped publishing new adventures of the Green Lantern, the comic series were revived in 1950, since then there has been some cancellations and revivals with irregular issues being published, Green Lantern comic books were still being release in 2010 with further issues planned.

There has also been a Green Lantern videogame released a week before the film, it is called Rise of the Manhunters, available for the XBox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, DS, and 3DS.

Is the Green Lantern worth to watch in 3D?

The representation of space in Green Lantern 3D is mind blowing, utterly incredible special effects, making it worthwhile to watch in 3D, a classic hero’s tale heavy in action, full of fights, strange aliens, explosions and shootings with a small degree of humour, immeasurable fantasy that is best enjoyed watching the characters and planets 3D depth, specially the aliens and the explosions surrounding the viewer.

Be aware that although this film is being heavily marketed on its 3D version, it actually was not shot in real 3D, many studios are not being upfront with the public about this, according to¬†Screenrant, the Green Lantern was converted to 3D in post-production, there is a difference in quality in between films shot in 3D and films converted to 3D but I still think that the Green Lantern is worth to watch in 3D because of the special effects, I just wish the producers would be straight forward about a film not having been shot in 3D instead of skipping over the issue as if it didn’t matter.

Synopsis: The Green Lantern Corps is a centuries old organisation sworn to protect intergalactic order, they use a power ring to project an energetic green light that turns thoughts into reality. When a new enemy called Parallax threatens the balance of power in the Universe, The Green Lantern Corps see themselves forced to recruit a human to join their warrior’s brotherhood, this new recruit will find himself with a never imagined power in his hands and a colossal responsibility, saving the Universe.

Director: Martin Campbell
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong
Genres: Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure
Runtime: 1hr 45min
Rated: PG-13

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