Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” now in 3D

Walt Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” (1991) returns to the big screen following a series of Disney Digital 3D releases, based on old remakes of successful family friendly films, the original “Beauty and the Beast” is still the only animated film ever nominated for a Best Picture Award in the Oscard nominations.

This movie has been converted to 3D using the same methods “The Lion King” was last year, with “Finding Nemo 3D” coming next. The film features an exclusive 3D sequel to “Tangled” (2010), named “Tangled Ever After“, a very hilarious short animated film to entice people doubtful of paying for something they have already seen in 2D, juxtaposing both films you can clearly notice the huge technical advances in animation.

This movie is a classic, with six Academy Award nominations and winning a well deserved Oscar to the best song,  3D adds shine to what already was a great film, fans of “Cinderella” and “SnowWhite” shouldn’t miss “Beauty and the Beast“.

Beauty and the Beast 3D cinema
Beauty and the Beast 3D at the cinema

Beauty and the Beast” 3D is full of of elegant animations and choreographed songs that will charm adults and kids alike, the 3D post conversion nicely pops out of the screen the characters without throwing out the objects in the background, the 3D effects greatly enhance the landscape and the castle with most of the film giving the impression of a huge pop-up book. Disney’s conversion of the “Beauty and the Beast” into 3D has been brilliant, ghosting is nearly unnoticeable if at all. Children will possibly love the history and marvel at the special effects, these kind of films benefit geatly from the cinema experience, with a bigger more colourful, funnier and magical screen, I believe it is money well spent.

Synopsis: An beautiful young village girl enters a castle where his father is being held prisoner by a Beast and offers herself in exchange for her dad’s freedom, during her captivity she befriends an enchanted tea pot and clock, ultimately discovering that under the skin of a horrible monster there is the hidden soul of a prince and she begins to draw him out of his isolation.

Director: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
Writter: Linda Woolverton
Music:  Alan Menken, Howard Ashman
Duration: 1hr 24min
Rated: PG

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