Panasonic consumer level 3D video camera

Panasonic has shown one of the first 3D cameras for consumers to film their own 3D film. The Panasonic 3D Camera nicknamed HDC-SDT750 doesn’t have built-in memory but has a decent image stabilization system and performs good in low light situations.

The resulting 3D video can be copied and shown using HDMI, SD cards, or USB, but consumer video editing is still a big challenge and so is streaming 3D video over the internet, those features are expected to take a long time to mature.

How do 3D cameras work?

The 3D conversion lens attaches to the mount, providing two optical paths that eventually pass through the single existing lens. The lens stops down from f1.5 to f3.2 at its widest when it’s attached. The system records stereoscopic side-by-side images at 960×1,080-pixel resolution; though the camcorder supports 1080/60p recording, 3D maxes out at 60i.

Panasonic comsumer 3D camera
Panasonic comsumer 3D camera

If you are interested in this 3D videocamera, expect to see it in a store near you now and shell around $1400. While still pricey, being a first generation 3D camera this was expected, in a few years time I predict prices will have halved and 3D video cameras will be the norm pretty much everywhere.